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VT-7100010 Meth Power Wire – DUTY-1

  • Power Wire Set for Methanol injection Pump

    Recommend for methanol injection tuning vehicles equipped with VAITRIX BOOSTER M, Expertise, or Expertise Pro. User can reprogram the output power and frequency of the pump using map DUTY-1 for a more accurate injection and better performance.

    METH-POWER-WIRE set needs to be connected to the universal harness included in the package of VAITRIX BOOSTER.

    Package includes a VAITRIX Power Module that draw electricity directly from the car battery instead of from the VAITRIX BOOSTER / methanol injection controller. With direct power supply from the battery, methanol injection pump normally gains up to 40% more output.

    Effectively increases up to 20% methanol / water injection pressure.

    Effectively improves up to 55% voltage regulating efficiency.

    Alongside methanol injection pump, through METH-POWER-WIRE set user can use DUTY-1 map on the VAITRIX BOOSTER to command any frequency-controlled linear analog equipment on the vehicle such as fuel pump.

    Package includes a power cord and a VAITRIX Power Module.

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