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VT-7100050 Meth Power wIRE – DUTY-2

  • Power Wire Set for Methanol injection Pump

    Add-on connection package for VAITRIX BOOSTER Expertise PRO and BOOSTER M with mapping table DUTY-2.

    Required METH POWER WIRE – DUTY-1 set to control 2 methanol injection pumps or other linear analog devices.

    Package includes a VAITRIX Power Module that draw electricity directly from the car battery instead of from the VAITRIX BOOSTER / methanol injection controller. With direct power supply from the battery, methanol injection pump normally gains up to 40% more output.

    Effectively increases up to 20% methanol / water injection pressure.

    Effectively improves up to 55% voltage regulating efficiency.

    Alongside methanol injection pump, through METH-POWER-WIRE set user can use DUTY-2 map on the VAITRIX BOOSTER to command any frequency-controlled linear analog equipment on the vehicle such as fuel pump.

    Package includes a power cord and a VAITRIX Power Module.













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