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VT-7100070 Electronic Valve Controller (EVC)

  • Optional device to control turbo booster using mapping table SW-1 and/or SW-2 of VAITRIX BOOSTER Expertise PRO, Expertise, and M.


      Operating temperature: -5°C to 50°C/-23°F to 122°F

      Standard voltage: 12 VDC

      Reaction time: ≤ 5ms

      Highest operating frequency: 150 Hz (at 5.6W)/200 Hz (at 8.5W)

      Allowable voltage change range: -15% to +10% of rating voltage

      Water and dust protection: IP65

      Operating pressure range: 0 to 130 PSI

      Port size: 1/4” standard

      Power consumption: 8.5W max

      Weight: 170 g

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