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VT-7200040 250°C/482°F Intake Temp Sensor (for piggyback)

  • Tether with the EXTENSION WIRE to communicate with     VAITRIX BOOSTER, this temperature sensor can be used to  monitor engine intake temperature, oil temperature, or other  temperature at similar range. With this sensor linked, user can t rigger on the warm-up protection function of VAITRIX BOOSTER  from the control panel of AirForce ONE tuning software.

    Low power consumption with a 3mA running current at 5VDC.

    Sensor specification:

       Accuracy: 1%.

       Running temperature: 0 to 250°C/32 to 482°F

       Max operating voltage: 25VDC

       Running current: 5mA

       Max running current: 7mA

       Installation torque: 13.5Nm/10 ft-lbs

       Weight: < 35g

    Package includes connecting wire.


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